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Hair Volumizer


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Kinsley Extenso

"No.1 Natural Human Hair Manufacturer and Supplier"



You need hair that fits your lifestyle. Maybe you’re a clip-and-go, or perhaps you need a total transformation. Get personalized suggestions based on texture, color, and length. It is your hair consultation. Gorgeous, natural hair that blends seamlessly, and makes you feel stunning. That’s our standard, and we don’t settle for anything less. We obsess over every strand, handpicking each bundle of a virgin, Indian hair to make sure it’s of the most excellent quality and consistency. 

kinsley hair


Beautiful hair is a must on special occasions, and also many women know how important it is also for their careers. The secret of your success often relies on how you appear. “Kinsley Extenso hair extension & wigs” offers hair lengthening and thickening for self-confident women because they appreciate our high quality. Our precious, healthy, and Real Hair Extensions with invisible bonding are long-lasting because of our application techniques. We offer a variety of colors, styles, and lengths. Long hair full of volume and easy to care.

our hair

Our Hair

In Indian temples, Everyday pilgrims offer their hair as a sacred act to God, an act of thanks to being blessed by the deity who above all protects and sustains all that is good in society. At temples all over India, this hair is lovingly gathered. It becomes the most significant, most beautiful hair in extensions, weaves, and Hair Pieces to give confidence to women the world over. Gorgeous, silky thick, lustrous of human hair are abundant in India. We provide Top Hair Extensions for weak hairs or hair baldness. Aside from the genetically endowed density & light-catching radiance, Indian hair is as diverse as its culture. Depending on the region, straight, wave or curly hair is the norm .virgin Indian hair offers multiple textures to achieve a seamless, natural look with existing style or go bold with a daring new look. With such inherent diversity, virgin Indian hair extensions don’t need to undergo chemical treatment or processing to offer an array of head-turning styles.

Most Loved by the Customers

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from Kinsley, and I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future. Thank you for creating such an amazing hair volumizer product!

testmonial 1
Shivani Mehta Delhi

I've always been hesitant to try hair extensions, but Kinsley Extenso's products have completely changed my mind. They are made with real human hair, so they look and feel completely natural. Plus, they're so easy to use - I can clip them in and out in minutes, and I can style them however I want.

testimonail 2
Ranjana Singh Gujrat

Of all the hair extension brands I've tried, Kinsley Extenso is by far the best. Not only are their extensions made with high-quality human hair that blends perfectly with my natural hair, but they are also incredibly easy to use.

testimonial 3
Vandana Kohli Pune

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Length
  • Fullness
  • Weddings/special occasions
  • Allergic to color
  • Highlights
  • Fashionable
  • Thinning hair
  • Work related
  • Hair grows slow – Hair extensions can help while you're waiting for natural hair to grow in.

Clip-ins - Clip-ins are temporary extensions usually applied for one or two days. Extensions can be used multiple times. Great for wedding up-dos, Formal styles or special events. Clip-in extensions are an excellent and extremely popular way to extend your look. Clip-ins are short-term solutions that can be applied or removed in minutes without the help of a stylist because extensions have tiny combs that attach to the root of the hair.


  • Pre-bonded: The popular pre bonded hair extension are ideal for those looking for a long term product to invest in that can provide length and volume for up to one year with regular maintenance. Pre-bonded hair extensions can be applied to your hair in several different ways, including hot fusion and micro ring method. At Additional Lengths we stock Flat Tips and micro ring hair extensions.

It’s a good idea to do a bit of research into the different types of hair extensions available to find the right kind for you and your lifestyle. Perhaps a temporary boost in volume and length is your goal, so clip-in hair extensions would be suitable. If you’d like more permanent hair extensions that may require maintenance, then a pre bonded type of hair extension which adheres to the hair just below the root may be the right option. A consultation with your extensions will be able to talk you through this.

Yes, absolutely. You will feel it as your natural hair and most importantly it will look that way. Depending on the type of hair weave used, you can even dye hair extensions. For detailed tips on after care, ask our stylists.

Hair Extensions are 100% Remi human hair and can be styled exactly like your own natural hair. We recommend applying a heat protectant spray prior to using styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and etc. to maintain the quality of your Bohyme Hair Extensions. We also advise a lower heat setting when using styling tools to prolong the life of the hair. Lastly, make sure to avoid direct heat or contact on the application areas via bead/tape/bond to help ensure the longevity of the installation.  

A quality hair weave looks 100% natural when applied by a specialist. At Kinsley extenso Hair Extensions Salon we bring glamour to your appearance with beautiful hair that has fullness and length.

With Clip-Ins, we recommend taking them out and storing safely until your next use. While you may sleep in them, it will only help to prolong their lifespan

Kinslet Extenso  Hair Extensions are real Human Hair.  they are able to be colored to your desired shade just like natural hair. However, we strongly do not recommend coloring the hair extensions lighter, as the hair has already undergone color processing and bleaching the hair to achieve a lighter shade is a very harsh chemical process. This can damage the quality of your hair extensions, and result in more tangling and matting due to severe damage to the hair cuticles.


 We always recommend consulting with a professional hair colorist, who has previous experience working with hair extensions. It is best to trust the coloring, toning, or blending in their experienced hands. We also advise testing on a portion of the hair extensions prior to coloring or toning the entire hair extensions just to ensure the desired results.

It depends on the type of hair, Kinsley extenso hair is premium natural human hair products. that they are applied to and how you care for your extensions afterwards, but they should last 3-4 year on average.

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